Weave Poles
I've been teaching Kep to do the weave poles all summer (not consistently though) and within this last week we've had a breakthrough!

I'm honestly still a little surprised and rather impressed with him. The weave poles seem super hard and complicated. As a side note I've tried running through them before and just ended up falling down on my butt, obviously not designed for humans! Tongue
That was great!  I think weave poles are one of those things that takes a little time for the dog to understand.  I love the "Ah ha!"  moment when the dog finally gets it.

I had a lesson with Mattie and we had gates (x-pen) to guide her through the weaves.  Mattie didn't like the weave poles or the gates so I had to walk through backwards dropping treats on the floor to encourage her.  I was so worried I would fall on my butt and send everything crashing to the floor and traumatize my poor dog.  Thankfully, it was one of my few graceful moments! Tongue
Good for you and Kep. I see this as the beginning of many great things to come.

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Kep definitely had that ah-ha moment last week. It's so awesome to see! I would definitely like to try some agility classes or something. It would only help with Kep's socialization too! Thumbsup

TMM were you trying to get Mattie to go through all of them at once? Maybe the 2×2 method would be easier?
It looks awesome! He looks so proud of himself LOL!
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I have these temporary fence posts that are no more than a fiberglass rod that you stick in the ground. I put 2 of them outside the gate that we use to go to the barn and every day. On the way to and from the barn, we worked on how to enter the weaves until Gideon got it. Then we added one more pole and then one more until he was doing a whole set
Gotta love 'em.

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