SDDA Champion
Draco achieved his Spoting Detection Dog Assoc. Championship this weekend
It was a trial that will always be remembered for Draco being Draco,  a very full on goof ball,  who was referred to as Stomper by the judge.  He was an absolutely trooper when I would not call alert in 2 of the exterior searches to the point he picked up the item and chase me down until I called it.
The other he decided that the arm hanging out of the coffin (which had a hide tucked in the sleeve) needed to be killed not an alert I have trained for,   I certainly laughed hard at this trial.
Oh my goodness that's hilarious! What a character. I love how determined he is and confident in being right.
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
Vet-Listed Birthday: May 2, 2014
Hahaha!! I can just picture him chasing you down a field with his find. "Look Mom!! This is it!! Really, it is!! Just smell it for yourself!!"
Gotta love 'em.
Congratulations to you both. Haha, that is so funny, chasing you down with his find but the lesson learned is "trust your dog". In tracking events I watch similar scenario's unfold time and time again. You can see the humans resolve that "that can't be right"and they don't follow their dog but instead stand their ground trying to force the dog to rethink. Good on Draco for standing his ground and insisting he was right !
He is a truly solid dog
He works despite my trial nerves
He didn't flinch when the strong winds opened a coffin and slammed the door against a wall, during an Exterior search.
He is very persistent with his find, lol
Actually was advised by the judge to work without a harness, that was a game changer.
Of course I love how Trials give you opportunities of growth, I have a few areas I want to train differently.
For instance inaccessible hides.
Draco is trained no matter what he has to hit the hide. Unfortunately he took this to heart and pulled of a vent cover to get to the hide.
He is such a fun dog.
Little Flynn will start trialling in spring, very different style. My biggest challenge is going to be high hides, but he a very steady methodical style.

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