Border Collie ink
Hey guys in been a very long time. in Sept 2016 I lost Stark, so i decided to keep him with me always[Image: photo.php?fbid=10159325461215018&set=a.1...=3&theater]. Any one else have BC Tattoos? 

Stark 2011 - 2016

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Very nice tattoo. I only have one portrait tattoo but a few other dog related ones. 

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This last one I can't find on me but I have this one the underside of my left wrist.

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One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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WOW, that is an awesome tattoo ! Yours too OB. I'm not a tattoo kind of person, too scared anyway but these are lovely artworks and if I was going to have one I would be proud of these.
I have an online friend that has her Great Dane, another that has her Dobie, and another with a Sheltie. I think the one with a Dane has got to be a masochist, because it's a big one, a giant one, like a life size Dane head all over her back. All three friends say they are addicted to getting tats and get twitchy after a while with wanting a new one. The friend with a Sheltie had three different ones on her upper arm that she was not pleased with and she went to a specialist on cover tattoos. She got an amazing flower and hummingbird design and you can't tell a bit that there was ever something to be covered. I've never really wanted a tattoo, but I have sure seen some amazing ones. And the new ones with gemstones... now those might tempt me. They even shine like a gemstone.
Gotta love 'em.
I'm looking at getting my first for my birthday in December. I really like that last one OB! I'm still trying to decide. Wasn't thinking about an animal one right off...
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