Rotating brands of food and Pinnacle dog food.
For the past few months I have been rotating the food I have been feeding the collies.  It has gone really well and the last time I switched food I mixed 50 old/50 new for a few days and that worked without any tummy trouble.  I think both dogs enjoy their food more now that they are not eating the same thing.  My last purchase was Canine Caviar Open Meadow, expensive but I had points at a pet supply store so I was able to get a huge discount.  This is the first food that Mattie had gobbled down!  Normally she is a bit distracted and uninterested in her food. 

There is a store that is near to me that sells pet food just started carrying Pinnacle.  Does anyone have an opinion about this brand?  It has a four star rating on Dog Food Advisor.

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