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Im not new to BC as I already have a 4 year old girl (penny) who is cross kelpie. However we recently rescued a puppy who I'm worried is double Merle, as I don't know any information about the parents and she has two different colored eyes. I will be getting her tested but just though some other opinions would be nice before I go to the vet.

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I am not qualified to say on your concerns. Does she have hearing/sight problems? She is absolutely adorable though!
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It is not unusual for Merle pups/dogs to have bi-coloured eyes and the bi-colouring in itself does not effect their sight at all. Your pup looks to me to be a Red Merle, sometimes referred to as Chocolate Merle. Double Merle pups will most often have a disproportionate amount of completely white in their coats or almost all white with just a few patches of colour, which your pup does not. Your pup looks very normal to me and is beautifully marked but of course a vet check will reassure you and is always a good idea with a new pup anyway. The Merle effect is caused by a gene that causes a random dilution of the pups coat colour hence the patchy colouration. The same gene that causes the diluted coat colour also causes the dilute eye colour in one or both eye but more often only one. The blue eye is just lacking the dark pigment. Blue Merles will have black noses and their primary colour is black with the diluted coat colour mixed throughout. Likewise red merles will have red/brown noses as that is their primary colour with the diluted colour throughout the coat.

She is gorgeous !
I agree with Trifan, she looks to be a red merle. Two different colored eyes or merled eyes are not unusual for a merle dog.

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Thanks guys yea I was a little bit worried she is going to the vet today so i will get everything checked out then
Double merles are usually very white with a little merle coloring. The 2 different color eyes is called heterochromia and is perfectly normal and no cause for concern. If she is otherwise acting normally, I would not be concerned about double merles, especially if you have no plans for breeding.
Gotta love 'em.
Hi and welcome.

She doesn't look like a double merle, as others have said, she looks a beautiful red merle. It's quite common for merles to have different coloured eyes or marbled (part brown, part blue) eyes as the colour depends on where the merle pattern is on the eye, like on the coat, the dark patches and merle patches.
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