That darned aversion to change....
We've been using "snack" as a cue to "come get a cookie with me" from any room of the house. It has worked amazing in capturing random behaviors without having food in every room or on my person 24/7. To date, we'd been using Milkbones in that container.

Well, yesterday I ran out, so I stuffed it with her favorite "just because" treat - freeze dried liver pieces (store bought, probably half my problem). She loves these things.

However, for whatever reason, when I gave the snack cue tonight and she came happily, she promptly turned her nose up at the treats and tried to get me to give her something else. "That can't possibly be what's in that jar!!!" Ug. So now I have her favorite treats on the floor and I will probably just throw them away, all because I used them out of context.

Have you guys seen similar in your dogs?
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Can't say I have in my dogs. All my dogs aren't picky with food/treats. You just found the very special BC.
You need a second dog.  Tasha will eat anything Mattie rejects. Big Grin 

To give Mattie her Prozac I put a bit of peanut butter on a soft treat and stick the pill into the peanut butter.  Over the summer I went on vacation and forgot the soft treats.  I ran into a Petco but they didn't have any soft treats so I bought some very nice crunchy treats.  Mattie wasn't having it.  She wouldn't even take the treat from my hand.  I ended up giving the treat to Tasha and let Mattie lick the pill and peanut butter off my finger.  As soon as I arrived at my Mom's house I told her we had to go shopping for soft treats.  Thankfully, the local pet store carried Mattie's favorite. 

Just typing this I got worried that we might be getting low on soft treats.  I checked and I have three unopened bags.  I usually order them online and purchase 4-6 bags at a time.
This made me laugh. Clearly she thinks "that particular" treat is called "snack". You lied to me human, you said I was getting snack not liver !!!!!! Oh my goodness she is the funny one.
I know what you mean about wanting to quickly let them know that a particular behaviour was rewardable but not always having a treat at hand. Our instant reward is the cue word "yes". When they hear this they know reward is coming and it might be edible but also might be verbal or physical praise and they will relish and work for all. Having said that, I also tend to not overdo the "good boy" so that it holds high value and they love to hear it.
When it comes to edible treats, absolutely anything will do as they seem to have come to understand that treat means edible reward rather than a specific food. If we are outside with no treats and I think an edible that is deserved, I just say "yes" and then "treat" so they know it is coming but the "yes" still holds value to them as they are so very eager to please, particularly Max.

Although I have no trouble getting meds into them without food I have at times crushed the pill and mixed it in with a spoon of yoghurt. Yum they don't miss a scrap.

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