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Last Sunday I was faced with a situation whereby I had no choice but to leave the boys alone and free in the house for 13 1/2 hours. They have never done this before and although I had my concerns there was no options but to jump in the deep end and see what happened. I decided that their safety and comfort was more important than the risks of damage to the house.

I put up anything that could be dangerous to them. Although they never have chewed on power leads etc, I switched off and unplugged any they could reach but still left them accessible. I figured there was no point putting them to the test if I removed all temptations. I left things like the toilet paper, bath mat and kitchen tea towels in place, all of which they have at some point in their lives chewed up.

They are still quite young at 1 & 2 so there was temptation for Jasper in particular. They had access to a secure enclosure off the side of the house for their toilet needs and I left them with all of their toys out at once and removed their collars.

I felt so pleased and proud of them when we got home to find everything was fine. It is so good to know that we can now do this if need be.
It always is a worry when you leave the dogs alone loose in the house the first time. I glad that they were fine for the hours that you were gone.
Maya I was never concerned about leaving for long periods as she just sleeps when I'm gone. River I was more concerned about but a month or so ago decided to leave him loose in the house with Maya when I went to work. I was gone 11 hours and besides a dog bed migrating to the hallway from the living room all cats and items where fine.
Yay! Good boys! Such a relief for you I'm sure! I love that you left a few harmless temptations down or otherwise it wouldn't be a test. So smart.
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So happy they passed the test with flying colors.

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Good boys!
Gotta love 'em.

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