Throwing up raw meat
We usually rotate between kibble, home cooked & raw for meal times and all my dogs are doing fine with that except for the border collie who promptly throws up part/all of her meal on the raw days. She's chewing it up really well but for whatever reason it just comes right back up as soon as she finishes the meal. This morning it was a big piece of chicken, mostly meat with some of the rib cage attached but she does it with her rabbit quarters as well. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? Does she need smaller pieces? Maybe it's too cold? I let it sit on the counter overnight to thaw but sometimes it still has some icy spots in the morning. The weird thing is the other dogs don't have any problem with it...maybe Lexi's just ultra sensitive?
I've heard of that happening with dogs that wolf down their meat too fast. You cold try slowing her down. I also don't know if leaving it on the counter might be playing a part in that - with Ember's raw, I thaw it in the fridge 24 hours in advance (and yes a lot of times it's still icy too, so I don't know if it's any better). So when she is feed breakfast, the breakfast for the next day comes out of freezer into fridge.
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I've had animals that had issues with eating a cold meal and regurgitating it up, but those were usually cats and small puppies. My BCs will do that if they swallow too big a piece. You could test it by giving a meal of cold ground beef.
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