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Hi everyone, so we’ve welcomed a little BC pup to our family, we’ve had her for 2 weeks and she’s now 10 weeks old. I was wondering what advice every one can give for helping her to settle in - we’ve stared on the basic training and she’s is slowly learning her name! 
One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes when we play with her and her toys she will take the toy away and play on her own - why is this? Is there any special advice for bonding with her? I’m trying and as I’m the one who feeds her I am concerned that she might not actually like me but relies on me for food!! 

Would love to hear from any experienced owners with any advice  Wink
Welcome to the board! You can do a search for some basic ideas Smile Congrats on the new addition! Pictures? Big Grin
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Welcome and congrats. If it were up to me and my puppy I would not try to take the toy back in hopes of interaction. That may backfire with puppy not wanting to share. What I personally would do is do an even trade. Get them excited in another toy and trade. But not past the point puppy losing interest. Also any toy I do want associated with my interactions is put up and only used those times. No toy is left randomly laying. Causes boredom and may be hazardous.
As for bonding that comes with time and patient positive teaching what is expected of them. Show them an alternativeyou want in place of using no constantly. Laugh keep it playful light short lessons. Predictable schedule bathroom food play and of course down time naps. Keeps them comfortable. This builds trust and bonding. Every dog is different. My dog is super human bond. Others may be slightly different. Each has their pros and cons. There is no right or wrong bonding method because of this. As long as it is non violent and works for you and your dog. I loved going to training classes. SUPER way to build a bond maybe get to know each other well.
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I like it when my pups play independently with their toys.  Just like toddlers puppies should know how to entertain themselves.  Don't worry about your puppy not bonding with you.  As long as you are spending lots of time interacting with her she will bond with you.  Teach her to fetch and to tug and do trick training.  Border collies love to learn new things!
Welcome to ABC. 

Bonding will come in time as you are together more. Just sitting on the floor and letting her play on her own is good too. When she decides to bring the toy or come to you on her own acknowledge it with a happy voice. 

She is just a baby and needs to explore her new world. Soon she will be exploring with you.

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Hi and welcome.

Does she always take the toy to a certain place, if she does go sit there and she will bring the toy to you and you can play there. My Bertie did this as a puppy.
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