Needing some ideas for keeping the mind tired
So Maya has anxiety issues and some dog reactive issues. I find when I lapse at working with her for too long or she gets scared (terrified) from loud noises, fireworks, her anxiety increases and any dog that is running loose around our property causes her to become more reactive and she will jump the fence and run after said dog. If she is yelled at from a person she will run back to the fence and try to get back in. (she hasn't figured out if she can jump out of the yard, she can jump in, so much for a smart dog Rolleyes ).
Anyway, what i need for you people is some different tricks to teach her or new ways to challenge her with commands she already knows. She is fast at learning so the more the merrier. Tricks and commands she knows already are listed below.

Stuff she knows: sit, down(can do down on recall and from a distance), come, stand(still learning), leave, off, out, step up, paws (each front paw and both paws at once), spin/circle (clockwise and counter-clockwise), roll over, bow, relearning crawl, and she plays fetch. I have also down scent training with her, but she is not that interested in it so I can only do a few "runs" before she gets bored. I've done agility with her but need to still teach her some obstacles and it's cold out so not doing much of that right now. I'm kicking myself back into taking her on hikes a few times a week, which I get her to climb and jump on downed trees, large rocks and like items.

So please give my ideas. I am tight on money so doing agility classes or trick training classes are not an option at this time.

And yes, I am going to be talking with my trainers again to see what else we can do, remind my husband to watch her after a night of fireworks, and we are putting up a "barrier" of sorts about 6 feet away from the fence so there is a buffer.
Teach her to sight read.

One of her known commands written on card. Flash the card with the verbal/hand signal at the same time. Repeat until you get the command by just flashing the card.

Then work on a separate card straight through like the first, not mixing them. Once this is solid, try a session where you switch between them, see if she can tell the difference. You will need to back up and use hand/verbal signals to begin with until she figures out the pattern of "those cards actually look different". Make sure the cards are as identical as possible so that only the word is different.

I taught Ember this with Sit and Down. I had to stop at the time as she wasn't well into training and it was a very advanced trick, but she got to the point where she could get some very good guesses in and was just starting to realize the cards were different.
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Have you taught her the name of her toys?  Get a toy and give it a name.  Toss it on the floor and when she touches it click and treat.  When she gets the idea take a second toy (put the first away) and do the same.  When you think she is ready bring out both toys.  Once she is good at picking out two toys you can add another.  Since money is tight you can go to a second hand store and get stuffed animals very inexpensively.  

Also, teaching barrels are a fun way to work your pup.  My barrels are inexpensive laundry hampers that I purchased at Walmart.  Here is a video to get you started:
Teach her to back up and do all the things she knows at a distance. Teach her to stand on objects with all 4, 3, 2 and 1 paws. Blow bubbles in a water bowl. 
Putting toys away is always a plus too. Cover herself with a blanket? 

Just about anything you do throughout the day you can have her do as well. Open/close a door, turn lights on/off, get the remote, get her leash for a walk, etc.

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Thanks for the all the suggestions. I will try some of the ideas when I aim for a more challenge work schedule. We have started simple but are adding in new tricks. She has finally remembered her crawl and now we are working on "sit pretty" and "die" (aka bang).

I'm keeping a journal of what we do daily and what she does, but I do believe I have figured out what set her off, or more likely what wasn't working. She has gained some weight and the anxiety med dosage she takes was in her old weight.. With the lower dose it wasn't staying in her system to really work. I'm seeing her not reacted to as much stuff and relax more in the week that I upped her meds.
I play a guessing game with the boys. The game is marked by me placing a plastic disc (the size of an 2lt ice cream container) on the ground, a friend made the disc at his factory but anything will do. The main thing is that it is an object only used in this game. Once they are asked to sit beside the disk, I think of one of their behaviours/tricks and they start trying each behaviour they know until they hit the one I am thinking of and get the reward. You can see their minds ticking over while they themselves recall and perform at their selection all the little tricks they know until they hit the jackpot.(Problem solving skills) Sometimes they hit it quickly, other times it is the last thing they try and if they happen to have not thought of the thing I am thinking of only then do I remind them of the behaviour they have not thought of. It's a great game because they are truely thinking and searching their memories for everything they know rather than following a direction to do something. They love it and it gives their brains a real workout.

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