5 inches of snow!!!! (pic heavy)
We've had a dusting before since I got Ember, but never inches. This was the deepest snow fall Charleston has seen since 1984 (or 89, can't remember what I read). We are now on day 5(?) and still have snow on the ground, and roads closed due to ice. I haven't driven since last Sunday.

Well, enter Ember the Snow Wolf. Absolutely enjoying this.

I have more photos on my Facebook (linked), I'll link here. Feel free to friend me (you may have to to see) but send me a message if you do as I tend to ignore random requests. My facebook is pretty much all things Ember and Anya.

When it first started falling (mostly just ice)
[Image: 26173194_10215502972274415_7058149099004...e=5AFE5A86]

Heated Blanket wins
[Image: 26172651_10215502973234439_4141420377898...e=5AFF5915]

Puppy Paws
[Image: 26221001_10215502974634474_4785583298806...e=5AFC9D81]

Just starting to really layer
[Image: 26198372_10215502975154487_1136880825297...e=5AF6B05B]

... it's cold Mom.
[Image: 26198446_10215502976314516_3174558415572...e=5AEFC001]

Snow buddies!
[Image: 26173749_10215502977114536_3733554035979...e=5AB9DA47]

Tail still going - she really enjoyed this!
[Image: 26172339_10215502977954557_1148976798627...e=5ABBEFA7]

Could not get enough of it... (VIDEO, click to view)

Noon time check in - looks to be about 3 inches now.
[Image: 26172408_10215504169264339_2668458048700...e=5AFB0BA6]

Running through the snow...
[Image: 26232158_10215504170624373_2429547007549...e=5ABE30E7]

... could have ended better.
[Image: 26232267_10215504170664374_5497804419693...e=5AE8D86F]

Anya paws on the back patio...
[Image: 26172012_10215504177104535_1464037853763...e=5AE906E5]

Cat decided it was too cold really fast. VIDEO click to view.

Took Ember out for another walk, saw the cars for the first time. Decided snow covered cars were a bit spooky. VIDEO - click to view

Basic Scenery I thought was really cool (way more on my facebook):
[Image: 26172347_10215504277467044_7706306316504...e=5ABEC845]

[Image: 26172852_10215504278787077_5018662951772...e=5AEA7307]

[Image: 26171614_10215504281427143_9001334198145...e=5AFDF3D5]

[Image: 26221157_10215504282147161_3328769680010...e=5AEDC308]

Second day of snow, it started falling off of the buildings and trees. Very creepy, loud sounds - but instead of being spooked, she took interest! We ended up with just at 5 inches.

[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
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She has taken to it like a duck to water, which is remarkable when you consider how cautious she has sometimes been with new things. She is so relaxed and it seems so natural to her. Must warm your heart to see the pleasure she is experiencing in the snow. I think more of a snow bunny hopping here and there without a care in the world.

There are some beautiful photo's but the one of the two of you together is one in a million, very special !
Indeed! She loved it! We still have a lot on the ground but it's more ice and sludge than snow now, so her enthusiasm is a little lower, but she'd still prefer laying out in a snow bank watching traffic drive by than pacing around while I tried to clear off my car this morning. Took over 15 minutes and she just lay in the snow literally watching the world drive by. This week she has been so care free. I love it.
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
Vet-Listed Birthday: May 2, 2014
Snow brings out the joy in kids and dogs. It is innocence in a visible context. Wet fun that is tangible on a different level.  It's rain in play dough form. I love it because I know Keller lasts a lot longer running around in that than hot sun. Unless it is sub sub zero or glare ice it means chasing toys a lot longer. (if ya don't lose them in the snow. Even then it's just another game. Until it really IS lost and it happens to be your favorite.) I can fall down on the ground safely in it roll around with him with no bruising or grass stains. LOL

I know exactly where Keller is going to want to stop sniff and pee because it is literally a visible mark. LOL 

It does take a few hours of driving in it to brush the dust off of one's winter driving skills. I learned to drive a snowmobile age twelve and my first car was rear wheel drive. I think I would miss winter... even the driving. Except for the fact you have to guess where the lines for parking stalls are and road salt eats holes in cars. I definitely miss the snow this year. Now I know where it went though. Thanks for the glimpse of a southern view of winter weather. It is fun. Still take snow over hot and humid. Thunderstorms are cool but there just something about a snowstorm that brings a sense of peace wonder and awe.

P.S. I am still looking for a dog when out and about that does not enjoy diving head first into the snow in search of I don't even know what? I am sure they exist. Probably the ones barking at us from the living room windows as we walk by.
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Yes! Though me personally I'd prefer the grass stains than getting soaked through to skin LOL! But I totally get it! I had the same thoughts about the visible mark. It's also interesting to note what Ember skirts wide of or walks past when I see a clear signpost. And all those driving comments - so much yes! And our city is not equipped for this. There was no salt for the roads or snow plows. The road my neighborhood is on has been open and closed off and on, and still has a 2 inch layer of ice spanning it with just enough grooves to make it passable if you are super careful. While I was clearing my car yesterday I watched 3 people fishtail across it in a row.

But man, when it snowed - the world was silent. And I live in an apartment complex full of kids. But you barely heard them. And anyone who was out was just gaping and awestruck and everyone was in a pleasurable mood.

Hah that's funny about the dogs. I bet there isn't one. Ember hates being wet it would seem but obviously snow-wet doesn't count!
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
Vet-Listed Birthday: May 2, 2014
I write as it is headed to forty degrees and rain is predicted this week. Yuck. Now There is the soaked that stinks. Definitely not photo worthy. Layers and snow gear taking up big space and playing rotating wardrobes is the downside. Remembering to carry Kleenex in the cold air. Then remove it before laundry  Rolleyes The tow trucks body shops and plow services like the income even though it means long hours sometimes.
Keller has such a look of content and love afterwards as I dry him off. He licks the ear area. Pure love.
The warm dry blankets and clothes hot drink after the cold fresh air and extra workout of maneuvering around out there felt awesome I bet. That runny
“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”

James Herriot

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