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I have a 14 week old Border Collie.  What is the best food for this age? Dry or canned? And price wise?
I am personally not a fan of the can. I cannot recommend brands as they are different in different countries but speaking very, very broadly avoid pretty much all supermarket brands. Most pet store chains can offer good advice and while I am not saying that all higher priced kibbles are automatically better it is not a bad rule of thumb to remember that you generally get what you pay for. Your pup needs to be on a puppy specific food, not just regular kibble. A pup has different nutritional needs when growing particularly phosphorous. I feed my pups a biologically appropriate raw food as well as puppy specific kibble until 12 months of age and then mostly raw.
When I feed a kibble it is always a grain free variety and an All Life Stages type. 

You can check out this site. https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ Find something that sounds good to you and check to see if you can find it local. This site lists the good and bad foods.

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I prefer foods that still have natural amounts of moisture in them, that means raw and canned. Also, kibbles are way too high in carbs to be specie appropriate. That being said, I do feed some kibble, but it is a small amount mixed with raw and sometimes canned.
Gotta love 'em.
When I arrived home, the food my breeder used was not readily available here, I tried another and my tummy did not agree with it, my vet recommended Science Diet Puppy Food (regular, NOT small bites or large breed) and I love it and I am very strong & healthy and my digestive system works perfectly (except when I am stressed, like I was in the hurricane shelter).


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