Finally went to update vaccines.
Well.... Here's a windy up and down tale. 

Last year I took Keller in to get his physical and rabies. I was giving the clinic I usually go to one last shot. It is on it's third owner since mine retired. I liked the first people that bought it but they did not stay long. This third owner. Here is a downer but in funny way. He did everything fine in I guess, not very friendly, no interest in getting to know the animal he was treating or the owner. Here's the funny part. As I was leaving he started talking about border collies. He complimented Keller's laid back disposition. He said a lot of the ones he treated were high strung. Fine.... okay. Wait for it...... Then he holds up this scarred finger (not sure may have been missing a bit of the tip.) " a border collie did this" Not casually in a joking manner. I did not know what to say... what DO you say to something to that. At first I was offended because I liked border collies. Then I realized HEY this guy is a veterinarian!!! He chose to work with animals. Yup good chance ya get bit, especially if you aren't cut out for the job. Pretty sure if ya want to stay in business you don't talk about with your clients. And to name a breed....geez. I now had a vet. I was considering admit to me that they are not comfortable with the type of dog I own. 

I like the remaining technicians from my original vet. and they love Keller. I was too embarrassed to ask for my records to be faxed to a new vet. so I avoided looking for one. A couple of his shots came due back in September...Kept getting notices. Finally around Christmas time I asked Only Borders for the name of good clinic. She lived close by for a while. And the more I thought about it. The more I thought about it... I wanted my old technician friends to know why I left for some reason. So I private messaged them and told them sadly we had to move on and why when I decided to have them fax the records to the new veterinarian. 

Excellent Vet. Linda thanks for the info. Dr. Shaw was awesome. So the sad news was I had to leave some friends for better care. The up side is found a new place I like so far (can't see opinion changing).

Now for another downer. Keller tested positive for Anaplasmosis  in his blood work up.   Huh   He doesn't show any signs or symptoms. He is vaccinated for lyme disease. However that is one of the vaccinations I was late on doing. I do treat him for tick prevention. Only a few days before I know I am going to be leaving for my parents in the woods. At home is in short lawns and on sidewalks. The junk is oily and gross for regular treatment. He had maybe one or two tics last year. Of course I did not find them until they were engorged partially. Hey Black dog.... thick fur..... Usually they go around his ears where there are folds and lumps and bumps. We don't know how long he has had it. According to the info I read they provided if he was going to have a reaction symptoms typically show up within two weeks? 

There is a test they can do to see if it is active in his system from what I understand. Or I could just treat with doxycycline for two weeks. OR I can just monitor?
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I wouldn't take the "wait and see approach". With any tick disease it's better to treat and get the dog back to healthy again. 

I'm not sure if he would get another bite while at your parents if that would compound the disease. I think you will be far better off getting the treatment needed sooner than later. The symptoms of the disease will probably only get worse in time.

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I would go ahead and treat also. If you are going somewhere where you know tick will be bad, I would use one of the tick products, but hopefully your mom's house has had enough of a winter to cut the ticks down until spring.
Gotta love 'em.
I am of the same mind, treat it now. Coming from someone with a dog with chronic problems we are still trying to nail down and doing a lot of waiting.

Sorry you have had such a rough time. I'd have left that vet too, especially as that tells me that the vet doesn't understand dog language or behavior (they don't have to but it really helps). BCs, as WE know, can be high strung and nervous most of the time, and that comes with biting when feeling threatened (duh). A good vet will avoid that, of course.

I too have had the guilt of leaving a vet because of a doctor but not wanting to admit it. Especially when my only complaint is that they either didn't handle my dog with exactly the gloves she needed, or because my worries were too easily dismissed.
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He is currently being treated. And unfortunately the tics will be common around my parents. They have a heavy deer presence. My dad hunts from his backyard literally. Got one this year. The veterinarian is one of those funny situations until you realize that he is out there treating animals.
“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”

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