Over excited pup.
I was able to get a great deal on a competition agility tunnel so that is what the collies got as a Christmas present.  I often take Tasha and my daughter to the park with some basic agility equipment to train but Mattie usually stays home.  Last week I took Mattie too since my oldest daughter and her boyfriend were in town for the holidays. Mattie loved it but she was impossible.  She was over threshold.  She would chase Tasha through the tunnel but if I attempted to get her to run through the hoops or go over the jumps she wouldn't do it.  At one point I tried to get Mattie to sit and knew right away that it wasn't happening, she reminded me of a GSD I once had that would get over threshold and his jaws would start snapping and one time I ended up getting bit in the arm, not the dogs fault, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Mattie doesn't bite but she becomes completely unfocused.  I ended up letting Mattie chase Tasha as Tasha followed our small agility course in the park. 

In the major scheme of things this doesn't matter.  If Mattie never acquires the skills to become an agility dog that is fine with me but I really would love her to learn to be calm and focused.

Any suggestions?
Do you think the same outcome would have happened if Tasha wasn't there?

I know there are a few different Fenzi courses for "Worked Up" dogs, and there is a course starting Feb 1 for over arousal. I haven't taken any of them so I can't comment.
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I had the same thought as Ember. Eliminate the one the attention is focused on. 

Calming exercises can be very trying, been there. It becomes frustrating for you and the dog but in the end it can be a huge pay off. It's all about baby steps. Search online for calming techniques and find a few that you think would work for you. 
Give them a try it can work.

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When they get that worked up, you have to be careful of dog fights too. Lily is like this, but she escalates to bumping the other dogs and then we get a round of growls and snaps, so we don't allow the chasing. When we started agility with ours, we worked at keeping things calm, so they wouldn't be lunatics later on. I would try working with Mattie alone in the yard, rather than the park, on just one thing. Treat it like having her touch something with her paw, make it about body position and awareness rather than speed.
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Thank you for the replies.  I do think having Tasha there did make Mattie more excited.  I usually don't take Mattie to the park when we train Tasha but I felt bad leaving Mattie behind.  

Mattie does do better when we train in the yard.  She still gets very excited but will pay attention to what I ask of her.  I looked online and found quite a few good resources with calming exercises.  I really need to get Mattie out more alone but it is so much easier to take both dogs at the same time.  Also, for the first year I had Mattie she would get so stressed away from the house without Tasha it was almost impossible to take her out alone.  

Gideon's Mom, when we play fetch at the park Tasha fetches the ball and Mattie chases Tasha.  Sometimes Mattie will body slam Tasha and Tasha will put up with that once and then she is ready to put Mattie in her place.  If I see Mattie going in to bump Tasha I yell, "Mattie, be nice!" and she will swerve away.  

(01-18-2018, 07:53 AM)Gideon\s mom Wrote: make it about body position and awareness rather than speed.

This really makes sense.  I just need to get Mattie to cooperate.  She loves speed!
There are so many similarities between the way your girls interact with each other and the way my boys do. Jasper get's so caught up and excited with Max's movements that Max has Jaspers focus, not me. Your description of ball games is so familiar. Jasper went through a long phase of seeming to think his job was to stalk and herd Max while he chased a ball and would also often crash into Max. If I play with Jasper alone he loses interest very quickly, like "ho hum, this is boring". Jasper has progressed and will now compete to get the ball but once caught he will relinquish it to Max who's job seems to be to bring it back. It's not that Jasper is too lazy to bring it back because he goes through the motions of returning to me as well. It's like a choreographed routine. Max swings past in a clockwise direction and drops the ball while at the same time Jasper passes me in an anticlockwise direction. The timing is perfect with them both sweeping past me at the same time in that typical BC crouched running motion.

When inside, I often train with one in the crate and use that situation to reward calm but if out together whether inside or outside the house Jasper is far too focussed on what Max is doing. I do a simple exercise when inside by simply holding a toy high in the air while they are both sitting in front of me. Jaspers eyes dart back and forth from Max to the toy. Only when Jaspers eyes are on the toy will I drop it. It seems to have made a difference in helping him realise that Max is not the centre of all things.

I while back I was getting concerned about it and drawing some similarities between this and littermate syndrome. I decided that Jasper and I needed some quality time alone and to this end I took him camping. I didn't really want to go camping or go anywhere very far away. Our small town has a Show Ground where the annual Rodeo is held. It is right alongside the town and beside the river. It is also used as a camping area for travellers and has some lovely sites close to the river and isolated from travellers. If you happen to be a local and know the caretaker you can pick your spot. So off I went for a week away with Jasper. It's as beautiful a spot as you would find within several hundred kilometres and conveniently my partner could call in and visit. Lot's of opportunities for socialisation that Jasper normally doesn't experience on a daily basis. We went to the river everyday without Max (who stayed at home) walked around town past houses and cars everyday, visited the vet for a weigh in everyday and this helped a lot with his over excitement at vet visits. Trained everyday without Max.
Hmmm, typical small town mentality, the rumour mill started up. LOL I got so many questions, even from folk with whom I only have a facial recognition with because we have all lived here for so long. "Old man kick you out, did he ?", "Had enough of the old boy have you ?" etc, etc, etc.
It was all really quite funny and by explaining what I was doing camped on the edge of the show ground I have earned the title of "crazy dog lady".
Hmm, OK I'll take that LOL

I've had multiple dogs before and never really had this type of situation. I wonder if the BC's innate skill in respect to being so in tune with other creatures, alert and vigilant contributes to these behaviours. I know that I have realised the importance of doing many more things separately, at least at this time and until Jasper matures. So much easier to do things together and we still do but I make a much greater effort now to also do more things on a one-on-one basis.
Lily is the body slammer in our house. She really has very little body awareness at all, so we are constantly working on getting her to be aware of what she is doing, everything from taking out your legs as she exits her crate to stepping on your bare feet when she brings the ball. But if that's the absolute worst thing about her, and it is, I'll gladly take whatever I get. We'll just keep on working on it.
Gotta love 'em.
Gideon's mom, Mattie is like Lily.  We often joke that Mattie has no spatial awareness.  She doesn't pay attention to where she is or what she is doing.  She will walk with her head turned (usually looking at me) and run into something.  If she jumps up on the bed we call her "Mattie Stomp Stomp" because she doesn't have any awareness of where the human is under the covers and steps all over us.  On leash she doesn't walk in a straight line.  Over the holidays if my oldest daughter was walking Mattie she would say, "Serpentine, serpentine!" because of the way Mattie walks. The one time Mattie is graceful is when she runs.  When strangers see her run they ask if she is part Greyhound or Whippet.

Trifan, Tasha and Mattie are about the same age, Mattie might be older but I don't think that Mattie had much interaction her first year so she seems younger than Tasha.  People are often surprised when they find out Mattie is three years old, she acts much younger.  Like Jasper, I need to find the time to take her away to spend some "Mommy and Me" time with her.  I think I will make an effort to take her out for a few hours each week to explore some new place.  By the way, your "rumour mill" comment made me laugh.  My youngest is now a teen and is always complaining that she never gets enough sleep but as an infant and up to age six didn't sleep.  I still wonder how I survived her first few years.  She slept in a crib until she was five because she would not sleep in the bed that was in her room.  If I slept in the bed in her room she would sleep through the night.  If I slept in my room I would wake at least twice in the night (I'm a light sleeper where my children are concerned).  I was so desperate for sleep that I would often sleep in her room.  I worried that my kid would make a comment to someone that mommy was sleeping in her room and people would think my marriage was in trouble!
With my pup I started with ground work first. Crate games.. Then touches... Bang games with the teeter... Then nose touches at the end of dog walk... Ect..... Jump grids... And so on. 

My dog is almost a year now and I haven't even ever run a full coarse yet...only one or two opsticals at a time. We are doing lots and lots of groundwork with him. It seems to paying off as me and my toy are his main focus and he's watching to see what he needs to do because it isn't simply jump this and run over that. It is a totally new way of training for me compared to my last dogs but I think it will pay off greatly. 

If you have a portable crate I use that with a blanket for some calm time between exercises.

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