I'm gonna have to watch this one...
Working from the couch, minding my own business. Been watching Ember bring toys in and out of the room, death shake one, suck on it for a second, drop it, stare out the window. An hour later go find another toy, try a shake, drop it, stare out the window. I can tell she's bored, but I HAVE to work.

Well, she comes up to the couch, stares at me until I look at her, then outright bops me in shoulder with a waggly body. Okay, this is sort of new, she's been figuring out how to ask for interaction. I'll take it, take my break, get on teh floor with her. Right now I'm experimenting with ignoring her toys because she still just doesn't quite get what to do with them when another living thing is involved. So we personaly play quietly. side by side, hip check, paw grabs and run away, her weaving under me and almost knocking me over. Fun quiet stuff.

After a few seconds she starts this zoomie thing of running to the door and running back to me. Usually her "I wanna walk sign", except this time it's shorter - she's only really making it to the table where her treat jar sits for her "SNACK" cue.

Third time doing this she stops, sits, looks at the jar, looks at me, looks at the jar.

We've never incorporated food into our personal play. She works too hard for food, and I don't want play to be work to her.

I asked her if she wanted a snack and she went nuts.

I think someone just figured out that that whole "manipulation" thing Mom does during training can go both ways.

I'm doomed.
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Oh they are so smart.
Gotta love 'em.

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