Its been a while!
Firstly my apologies for my lack of participation recently.  Life is hectic with work plus I'm 6 weeks out from my first marathon of the year so training is taking up a fair bit of time, and of course looking after 2 dogs (whoever said that 2 was alot more work than 1 wasn't wrong! LOL).

Mabli is 28 weeks old today and a right character! She's bright but stubborn so training is proving interesting as although she knows what she should do, she'll only do things when she wants to sometimes.  On the other side though her recall and loose lead walking is great.

Bronwen now 20 months and has a fabulous coat this winter.  She's still reacting to the cat noises by barking the roof off (any suggestions to stop this?!) but she's also more chilled generally now than she was.

Here's some recent photos of them both (taken since Xmas):

[Image: 39029886295_2910caab37.jpg]

[Image: 39029876555_09f0655ac2.jpg]

[Image: 28148135289_bc92d29b86.jpg]

[Image: 28148116419_776b1c9be0.jpg]

[Image: 39029863195_b0bcde3b06.jpg]
Welcome back! Good luck with the training! Pups are looking great too!

Only suggestion for the cat noises is to possibly try finding a video on Youtube or similar of cat noises, start with the volume super low, and reward at literally every sound. If there is a bark then lower thee volume even lower and try again. Think of it like DSing (Desensitizing) to sight (cars driving past), except for sound (not seen but heard). Same process. Small, low doses, build up until the sound brings out a "where's my treat mom?!" and not "OMG what's that?!".
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Thanks Ember, have tried that and she doesn't react at all to videos only the real thing!
Good to see you again. The girls are looking wonderful.

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[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

Hi Bronwen, good to hear from you. The girls are looking great. Yes, time disappears quickly doesn't it, particularly when you are on a mission, (preparing for your marathon).
We missed you, but wow! Getting ready for a marathon is a big milestone. Congratulations!
Gotta love 'em.
That baby is adorable! And Bronwen is stunning!
(01-28-2018, 05:02 PM)Gideon\s mom Wrote: We missed you, but wow!  Getting ready for a marathon is a big milestone.  Congratulations!

Thanks.  I'm kind of used to it (did 4 last year) but doesn't make the training any quicker or easier! I'm at that point in training when I wonder why I do it LOL
I wonder that if I run 5k.
Gotta love 'em.

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