"I'm going to the grocery store." ....... "Never mind, I'm going to the park."
I was ready for a trip to the grocery store. My husband was working outside so I went out to ask him if he wanted me to add anything to the list. And, from inside the house, Mattie started barking. Mattie usually doesn't bark, except when she is happy. For some reason Mattie thought we were going to the park. How could I disappoint her?
We went to the park. The grocery store trip could wait.

Aww, what a good dog mom you are. Food can wait as long as the pups are happy.

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How fun! LOL! I'm the same way with Ember. I've learned a lot of her expectations (I wish I hadn't!). Her biggest one is a "snack" out of the treat jar. She's figured out how to ask for it on a whim. Ug, dog, I can't let you get fat, but okay find just one more (said every time she asks...)
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Haha, it's all in the words isn't it. "I'm going to..............." Good on you for not disappointing them, that is far more important that food. LOL
It's funny how fast they figure things out.
Gotta love 'em.
The funny thing is that they don't ever mistake my running an errand for going to the park.  If I am planning to take them to the park they always know.  I try to hide it but I can't, they are too smart!

It was Sunday afternoon and I was planning to go to the park after the grocery store. The collies just let me know my priorities were not in order! Big Grin

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