New Rescue dog Alf
We have our lovely Alf nearly 3 months now, he is around 8 months old and a great addition to the family.

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What a handsome boy. Love the markings and those ears.
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Welcome to ABC. What a great looking boy.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Hi and welcome!
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He is adorable! Both of my collies are smooth coat. Love the ears!
He has great big ears  Smile Still trying to figure out where they came from! Some people suggest German Shepard. Any suggestions??  I would love to know what he is crossed with. Although he has pure Collie traits.

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I see all collie.  Here are my two.  


Mattie on the left is a rescue and Tasha on the right is a registered BC that came from a cattle ranch.

My agility instructor has a BC with ears that look just like Alf's and the pup is a registered collie.

In the photo Mattie looks quite a bit bigger than Tasha but Mattie is only slightly bigger. Tasha's chest looks broad but that is just the photo she is really petite!
I don't see a single thing about Alf that screams NOT COLLIE!! He's probably pure, unless you are seeing something we can't.
Gotta love 'em.
Hi and welcome.
I see pure Border Collie too.
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