Border collie/herding jewelry
Hi Everyone!  I'm new here and I need some advice.  I make handmade/stamped jewelry and have made all sorts of items for an upcoming border collie herding trial.  I really don't know how to price items for this event.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I've attached a few pics of some of the items.

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Oh I really like the collars! I haven't done any sheep herding trials so I don't know how much you should price them at. I'd price them the same way you would for any shop - price of material + a little extra for time and then figure out what you'd like to get out of it extra.
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Beautiful! What metal are you using?

I would do a Google search and see what similar items are selling for.
Oooh, pretty! Perfectly themed for herding border collies and their owners.

If sterling silver, $20 - $50 depending on size, weight, and time invested?

Thanks everyone! The charms are silver plate and the base metals are heavy gauge aluminum, brass or copper. I mainly use aluminum b/c it wears well and doesn't tarnish. Chains are all stainless steel. Other than herding trials, does anyone have ideas as to where to sell them? I'm having lots of fun making them but now I need an outlet! lol!
Facebook? Etsy? I don't know but I would love to have a necklace and a bracelet and a collar (I'm not a shopper unless it is pretty dog related items).

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