Then & Now
Here is Rambo at 7 weeks, 9 weeks, 8 months

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This is jolie 2 days before being 8 weeks old the adult pictures are still developing............ Big Grin

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Josie at 8 weeks and 5 and a half months. When were your dogs fully grown?

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At eight months, Tasha was 27 lbs. Now at almost three years she is around 32 lbs. She hasn't changed dramatically since eight months except she has filled out a bit and her coat came in, she had such a thin coat as a puppy that she got mistaken for a Border Collie/Whippet.

Nine months.

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Two and a half years.

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Ah Tash is so silken and lovely! I think she's like a good tummy rub!
Bronwen is almost 9 months and already 35lbs. I think she's going to be about 37lbs from the various predictor models I've seen on line.

At 12 weeks:
[Image: 28824802245_235a87d2e4_z.jpg]

At 8.5 months:
[Image: 32549054192_ee1b6846d8_z.jpg]
Wow! They are all gorgeous!! I can't wait and see what Balu will look like when he grows up!!!

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It is great to see the changes of all the dogs, and some how they look still a little the same as when they were young...

Here is Body... then and now

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Max and Jasper, now 18 months and 6 months.

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