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ok, these are all the BC's we've had over the past 13 yrs

Tipper (RIP)....
7 wks...
[Image: Tipper7wks.jpg]
10 1/2 yrs...
[Image: Tipper6.jpg]

Lacey (RIP)...
6 1/2 wks...
[Image: Lacey65wks.jpg]
10 yrs...
[Image: HPIM9990.jpg]

Tir Ceo....
8 wks...
[Image: Tir8wks.jpg]
now (5 yrs)
[Image: DSC01460.jpg]

Saoirse (we got her at 9 1/2 mo, but there is a difference...just more personality)
[Image: VioletMacalla2.jpg]
now days...
[Image: IMG_1229.jpg]

Titch....just min old....
[Image: Titchback.jpg]
now (2 yrs)...
[Image: 1261518337.jpg]

and Kody we just got at 4 1
[Image: laserpoint024.jpg]
last summer....
[Image: DSC00176.jpg]
Owned by 5 Border Collies...watched over by an Angel
[Image: 030-Copy3_zps6e942801.jpg][Image: Laceyatwork-2-Copy_zpsa4a07ab7.jpg]
tashalovesjim and bocobutz, those are awesome photos! The 2yr Titch photo would make a great desktop wallpaper :wink:
Lance & Mick

[Image: sparklelance_sig.gif]
[Image: DSC02164.jpg]
[Image: DSC02258-3.jpg]
[Image: DSC03058.jpg]

Sophie (She isn't really an adult yet- 14 weeks old)
[Image: DSC02819.jpg]
[Image: DSC03295.jpg]
[Image: DSC02991-1.jpg]
Piper really changed! I think she looks a little like my Scamp but a different colour of course.
Her coat looks similar like straight at the front and wavier/corser at the back with a very high tail when happy.
Scamp almost curls his tail when very happy.
My dogs over the years
[Image: myscamps_1-1-1.jpg]
this is miley when we frist brot her home.
[Image: DSC00845.jpg]
this is miley now roghfly about 6 months later

[Image: DSC02174.jpg]
Miley and Me
[Image: CopyofDSC01545-1.jpg]
Natalie I feel like I watched Piper grow through every stage. It seems like those little fluffy puppy pictures were just last week. But I feel like Sophie grew up while we weren't looking. They are both so big I can't believe it. Especially Piper! Wow time goes too fast.
In their short lives our pets give us all they can...their friendship, unselfish love, and total loyalty. Lucky dog always in my heart
This is Flash growing up, only 4 months on wed 17th Feb

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