Five Dog Breeds (Never want to own)
1) Bull breeds
2) anything supersmall
3) anything with a wire coat
4) anything too big
5) anything with very extremely bred features (shortened muzzle, shortened legs, etc)
I don't think I could play this game. I had not personally seen the stereotyping of dogs until we got Mya. We have actually been asked why would we want such a pet that looked just like a plain dog!! and also have been told that she looks evil with her dark chocolate coloring and greenish eyes like a bat or something. How awful can people be? We have also been asked why we would want such a problem dog, they are too full of energy, always jumping and hopping and running... Mya does have the energy and likes to play but she also loves to cuddle and just lie down next to us to take a nap or sleep.

I love all dogs, there are features of some I don't like as well as others but I still like the dogs. I do not think there is such a thing as a bad dog, the bad traits named above I think are the fault of the owners and not the dog themselves.

I have heard of the stereotyping and people here in the US in certain states trying to make it mandatory to put pitties down which breaks my heart, every one I have met has been an absolute sweet heart and their history is actually being nannies to children people trusted them that much. And as for yappy little dogs, we have had 2 yorkies in the past and they have been amazing dogs, very intelligent, easy to train, and ours only yapped when someone was in our yard or someone was coming to the door they didn't know. (both yorkies were our daughter's but she lived with us so were ours too).
Enjoying life with my dog
For me this is easy!

1. Pits
2. Rotties
3. Min Pins
4. Bull Dogs
5. Havanese
1. Small / lap dogs.
2. Terriers.
3. Bulldogs. Or ANY dogs who are grossly deformed to the detriment of their health.
4. ANY breed of dog that requires me to carry a "drool rag" around with me!
5. Pulling at straws now... Bearded dogs. I just don't like how they look at all.
Bull breeds
spaniels I love them but a lot of them have issues with kids
anything that drools
any breed that doesn't begin with border
If its small enough to be carried indefinitely then I'll pass. I'm not a little dog person.

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