What other breeds have you guys owned?
Ive fostered a coupe of huskeys if that counts.
My dad used to show Afgans but that was before my time. The Dogs I remember are

Rumpkin - a mini sheltie (I think) My dad found almost frozen to death, he brought her in and gave her mouth to muzzle!

Hedi - Wolf/Husky mix. Hedi would lift the latch of the gate and sneek out then come back and close the gate so no one would know!

Bear - Wolf/Husky mix. Bear was our little trouble dog, Loved to sneek out when mom opened the gate, he would go to the farm at the end of the street and kill a chicken, then bring it back to the house, dig up a head of cabbage and eat chicken and cabbage! He would bring us interesting "treats" like a set of antlers and stuffed toys!

Twitchy - Pit bull/german shepard mix thing - Twitchy was my baby, a rescue, she was a product of inbreeding (not on our part) and had her back broken when she was a week old. She somehow made it though all of that and I worked with her every single day. She looked and acted like ED from the lion king! Her back legs would "hop" and if she was right in front of you and ran, she would run on an angle, she was smart enough to figure this out and if you called her she would walk 3 feet to the left and then run so she ended up at your feet!

Washichu - Wolf/Malmute Washichu was a friends, she owned a wolf santuary and her pet Malmute got into a pen and breed with one of the rescue wolves. He taught Twitchey to be a wolf, he would get her trying to howl like a wolf. Near the end when Twitchy had a hard time walking, Washichu would walk close to her so she could lean on him. They were a great pair. It wasnt long after Twitchy passed that Washichu went to join her.

Milo - Jack Russell Milo is a resuce dog who was given to me because he was extreamly food agressive and I knew how to work with him. His previous owner had beat him almost to death. He is smart and a ham.

Widget - Jack Russell - Widget is also a rescue whos owner was moving out of country and could no longer care for her, she is a prim and proper princess and its so funny to watch her and Milo because Milo is a typical boy who loves getting dirty and Widget wants nothing to do with it.

Milo and Widget live with my ex-husband. I love them both very much and get constant picture updates, however I felt it was best for him to keep them and they are his life and he was able to care for them better then I could when we split. (I moved to an apartment that didnt allow dogs)

Last but not least is Miss Laylah my little Border Collie - Shes a fire cracker and a momma's girl all the way! I cant wait to watch her grow into the amazing dog she already is!

Sorry this is a bit long, but I found myself needed to share about my dogs as well. Twitchy holds a very very special place in my heart and I really want the world to know about her. Someday I will have to write a Memorial post about her and tell her story in depth. Im starting to cry thinking about her...
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[attach=8602][/attach][attach=8598][/attach]It took me from the time I could speak until I was twelve to acquire. Alexander Dundee. He lived until he was fourteen. An intellegent, not yappy, fluffy teacher that gave me the belief I was good at teaching a dog. I am on my second border collie in two years. One is now a professional herding dog somewhere. LOVE YOU Zeb.

Three weeks ago I brought in a three month old border who is the opposite he works to charm, relax, and acompany people. He is Keller Arya. Meaning little companion, snow. He is the sweetest guy with smiles all around.

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“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”
James Herriot
Always had border collies and grew up on a large farm with working BC and other assorted NZ sheepdogs (huntaways, heading dogs, working beardies and mixes thereof). As a child our house dogs were the retired working dogs and as an adult I still have a soft spot for my childhood buddies, the "oldies". The only different breed I have lived with is my husband's 18 month old Brittany girl, a spilt personality dog who is a tireless black and white blur when hunting and an inert couch potato at home Smile
My last dog was a German Shepherd, Called Nero. Lost him at 10 yrs old to dysplasia he was pts on the 11th July of this year Sad Totally broke my heart, but Bailey is helping me fix it Smile Here is my Nero Heart

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