Top Ten List - Favorite Breeds
Bronwen, if you like Border Collies and GSDs, I think putting a chocolate Lab at the top of your list is a bit silly. Tongue

In the nine years that I had my GSD he only acted aggressive toward one dog....a chocolate Lab. And Tasha has only taken an instant dislike to two dogs, both Labs. Giggle

For me #1 & #2 are Border Collies and German Shepherds, I can't pick because I love them both.

#3) Corgi

#4) Australian Kelpie

#5) Whippet

#6) Greyhound

#7) A silly mutt that looks like a cross between a herding dog and a sight hound (lurcher?)

Can't pick beyond that, I am bit narrow minded when it comes to dogs.

And, please, any Lab lovers out there don't take me too seriously...I'm just not a Lab person. Big Grin
Haha I just love how goofy they are. There were 2 in Bronwen's puppy class and they make Bronwen look mature! She loves rough-housing with Gus though and together they could find mud in a desert! Not sure I'd own another breed now I've had a BC. Its that intelligence combined with size that I love (not a fan of little dogs and anything bigger wouldn't fit in our house!)
My favorites are:

1. Border Collie
2. Great Pyrenees
3. Borzoi (dumb as posts but still wonderful)
4. Aussies
5. Golden Retrievers
6. Pugs
7. French Bull dogs
8. Afghan Hounds
9. Irish Wolfhounds
10. Mutts with charisma

There are many, many more, but these are my top 10.

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