Top Ten List - Favorite Breeds
Bronwen, if you like Border Collies and GSDs, I think putting a chocolate Lab at the top of your list is a bit silly. Tongue

In the nine years that I had my GSD he only acted aggressive toward one dog....a chocolate Lab. And Tasha has only taken an instant dislike to two dogs, both Labs. Giggle

For me #1 & #2 are Border Collies and German Shepherds, I can't pick because I love them both.

#3) Corgi

#4) Australian Kelpie

#5) Whippet

#6) Greyhound

#7) A silly mutt that looks like a cross between a herding dog and a sight hound (lurcher?)

Can't pick beyond that, I am bit narrow minded when it comes to dogs.

And, please, any Lab lovers out there don't take me too seriously...I'm just not a Lab person. Big Grin
Haha I just love how goofy they are. There were 2 in Bronwen's puppy class and they make Bronwen look mature! She loves rough-housing with Gus though and together they could find mud in a desert! Not sure I'd own another breed now I've had a BC. Its that intelligence combined with size that I love (not a fan of little dogs and anything bigger wouldn't fit in our house!)

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