Classic problems....
I have an issue with my 7 month old BC (finn)
He is great off lead until he sees another 4 legged friend and he is off and just ignores me.
He doesn't realise all dogs arnt nice.
I have even left the park until he realises I'm not there then he comes to me.
A solid recall amongst such distractions really is essential before dogs are put off leash amongst other dogs in a dog park situation. Perhaps if you keep Finn on a longline at the dog park and practice, practice, practice until he masters his recall under distractions. It really is vital for his safety and also others can understandably get annoyed if your dog naively runs up to their dogs who might otherwise be minding their own space.
I don't have dog parks to go to and practice this so I do not entirely trust my two to not do the same thing that Finn does. I take mine to a river with a long beach along the side. Other people also bring their dogs to this spot at times so I always keep an eye on the entry point in the distance and always have a longline with a two dog coupling with me so I can put them on it when other dogs arrive. Unfortunately few opportunities arise for me to practice this training so our progress is slow.
He's just a baby at 7 months so perhaps it is asking too much of him at this stage and maybe better to wait until he has more maturity before letting him loose amongst other dogs. At this tender age a negative encounter could profoundly effect his attitude towards other dogs so maybe best to protect him from himself for a while. You will get there.
Sorry you are asking for a "university" level recall. I mean the distraction is greater than his training?
Find where and when and what he is successful with and start training from there.
(09-06-2017, 04:16 PM)Quirkydog Wrote: Sorry you are asking for a "university" level recall.   I mean the distraction is greater than his training?
Find where and when and what he is successful with and start training from there.

I love that description, "University" level recall. Kindy/Preschool, Primary School, Junior High, Senior High, University. Love it !!! Based on this context, Max is in Senior High and Jasper is in Primary School LOL
I'll have to admit my two don't have a fabulous recall so I always set up a situation where I'm 99% sure I can get them to obey. If I go someplace where I think they won't listen to me they are on leash or a longline. One thing that has really helped is that Mattie is terrified of small children and strange dogs so I'm always scanning the area for anything that could be an issue. Keep an eye out for anything that could distract Finn and make sure you have control of him before he has a chance to get distracted.
A fun game you can play to help his recall is hide and seek. Start by playing inside or I'm a quiet area where no one is around. Wait for him to get distracted by something and go and hide but also try to keep him in view. As soon as he gets undistracted call out to him. As soon as he finds you give lots of big happy praise. Later on once he knows the game you can hide better and try not waiting for him to be done being distracted. Turn random everyday moments into hide and seek. Try and just slip away sometimes especially when he would least expect it. I've been doing this with Kep for a little while now and he is a master at finding me. He'll go as far as to literally track me down with his nose! I will warn you though, a side effect of this is a dog that will pay more attention to you when you get up just to make sure you're not going to hide again. Wink
Thanks everyone take all advice on board and just go back to basics practice practice practice.

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