Foods & Plants Dangerous to Dogs
I am really glad I read this, for two big reasons! First I did not know that garlic powder was bad! My dad used to show Afgans and he would put garlic powder in their food twice a week or so. He told me if you did that it would kill/keep away worms. I had already desided that Laylah is going to be on a flea/worm prevenitive, so I had no intention on giving her glaric powder, but its still really good to know.

Im also glad I read this because of the xylitol thing. I am on a low carb diet, so most of my sugar intake comes from sugar subsitutes, I would hate it if Laylah got into something that had that and got sick or died! Im going to check my sugar free stuff as soon as I get home!
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There is some controversy about garlic.These days many nutritionists advocate adding a small amount.. I was on a group for dogs with various health conditions and know people who have home cooked and added it for years.

Not sure if I saw Lily of the Valley on the list. Now that definitely is toxic!

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