Winter Care for the Border Collie
LOL I saw that it was moved and I was like... oh did I put it in the wrong forum? lol

Any ways I wanted to say I got my Muttlucks at the beginning of last week and I promptly took my dog outside in them and he played till his nose was so cold he couldn't warm it! The Muttlucks are great he is not able to spend more time outside with the family and is loving it. So is my daughter!

but now that I solved one problem with my boy I have another figures eh?

Mosses is a HAPPY dog and we recently bought him a sled harness as he likes to play and he hooks up to it nicely and to the sled of my daughters! They have a lot of fun!

Thank you all for the suggestions the Hubby loves them too he thinks they are cute! The dog didn't like them at first but we took him out and played and he forgot all about them I had to almost tackle the boy down at home to take them off of him! He was so happy to come in with DRY feet! His paws were cold but they were dry so it is a nice trade off and no snow to eat out of his paws! Such a happy boy!!!

Thank you all!
-Gypsy Tiger-

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