Winter Care for the Border Collie
Here is the problems I need help finding cheap solutions!

I am a stay at home mom with one furry boy, and a non furry daughter. Any ways My fur baby and my baby and I go outside daily about five or six times to enjoy to snow and the fun and games of snow. but here is the thing with the snow comes cold, with the cold comes frozen paws. My daughter can do an hour easy outside but the poor dog can only do about half hour and in less we go in with him he wont go in on his own.

So the issue, his paws freeze so fast compaired to my daughter that it is a pain in the arse getting her dressed then I, then outside if only for a few moments.

My aunty suggested getting a few old socks and putting them on my dogs feet, but does anyone have a pattern for doggie boots? And when I used the sock idea I found that he did not like having that on his feet. How can I convince him to LEAVE them on.

Now even with the booties I find that my boy is gettin a dry nose when he comes in... how can I protect him against the harsh cold of winter?
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first off I dont have an answer for you (yet) second....Welcome to ABC!
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I found this:
You can help by keeping your dog's nails cut short and the fur between his toes trimmed to a manageable level. Cut too short, the fur won't offer protection from the snow anymore, but a neatly trimmed foot will attract less ice and snow to collect inside. To avoid trimming out too much hair, keep your scissors parrallel with your dogs pads and just shear off the fur that sticks out from in between the pads. Around the toes the fur should be cut just short enough to see the end of the toenail. Trim around the sides to keep that nice "paw" shape. If your dog isn't a dog that grows between his toes (not all do), then you need trim nothing at:

I found this <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> this for a booty pattern I imagine you could make the 'bottom' thicker than the top....

as far as getting them to stay on......just keep them on a lot....and be prepared to make more when he chews them off. I would just keep at it until he gets used to it and be ready with really really super good favorite treats of his and reward accordingly.
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Yeah new to the forum not new to the idea of dogs, but I always owned witner dogs and never had a dog thta would get cold feet like he does!

thanks for the information! I was looking forever and could not find the booty design... maybe I was using the wrong keywords!
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This might help:

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The paw wax won't help much to protect from the cold but the booties will. Now the problem is you will get what you pay for.
As far as the dog leaving them on, you have to get them tight enough to stay on but not too tight to stop blood flow. Smile Then get your dog doing something it likes to do so it will forget about the booties. They all walk weird when they first get them on but that goes away very quickly when they start to play.

These are the ones I use and love them. The cuffs can be rolled up or down and they do stay on my dogs paws. We use these in deep snow and on icy road ways with no problems.
You can find cheaper ones but I have never found them to last or stay on. This will be our 3rd winter with the same pair of booties.

I suppose you could layer up socks or get a good pair of insulated socks and with some vet wrap or tape secure them to the dogs paws but for me that's too much bother to put on and take off each time. (3 dogs) Good luck in finding something that works for you.

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The Muttluks are well worth the initial investment,easy on and easy off and wear so very well.
Like Linda said, just get the dog doing something they like to do and they forget all about the Muttluks.
The Muttluks look like the ones I have the pattern too! Just much better! I think they hubby and I will most likely buy that! Thanks everyone!
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Ugh, why didn't you tell me that last night? I just clipped my dog's paws and apparently clipped too much. They will be so very happy to read your post though!
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