Book: The Dog Wars - by Donald McCaig
please post reviews and comments.
(09-27-2007, 01:47 AM)allbordercollies Wrote: please post reviews and comments.

I was quite disappointed by this book. After the first few pages, I got the main point, that the American Kennel Club is a closed organisation that is hard to fathom and that it is ill-suited to take charge of this breed's welfare. More simply, "USBCC Good, AKC Bad."

Because of the nature of the AKC, the book is a one-sided account of the fight against the AKC, though the author does make an effort to understand their point of view.

The truly weak aspect of the book is that there is an epilogue written years after the AKC's successful takeover bid, but the author says absolutely nothing about the consequences. In particular, did the feared demise of the Boder Collie instinct really come to pass? Since this eventuality is the theme of almost the whole book, it wad absolutely necessary to give some conclusion 10 years after the fact.

By the way, a similar book could have been written about the AKC's campaign to destroy the Jack Russell Terrier. If you look at the AKC's website
it states:

"After John Russell's death, the name "Jack Russell" was misused to describe all mix and manner of working and hunt terriers, many of which bore little, if any, similarity to Russell's own terriers."

Which is of course ridiculous, since the breed got its de facto name by a century of use, at least as irrelevant as the name Border Collie which was invented long after the breed's exixtence due to kennel club restrictions.

The AKC wanted to expunge small legged Jack Russells as being "incorrect" and won't recognize any under some size (25cm I think). The English Jack Russell Terrier Association was born, but with the caveat by the AKC that any breeder showing his dog with them would be banned for life!

I recently saw The Belstone Fox, which, apart from being a good movie, features a scene with tiny legged Jack Russells, proving that they were being used in England, contrary to the AKC's drivel.


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