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I just wanted to know if any of you could help me.
As much as i want a border collie and have had one before, i have come across two or three border collies in my travels around the globe and fallen in love with two cross breeds.

One was a Collie mixed with something to create a double coated thick furred large border collie, something like a bearhound or a husky.

And the other was the MOST adorable little thing i've ever encountered. He was a collie look alike, of around shin height, i believed him to be about 1-2 months maybe even younger...but he was in fact 3 years...the owner told me he was a cross between an english setter, a border collie and another dog she could not recall the name of.

I was wondering if anybody had encountered these breeds before and if so do you know the cross breeds?

Because there is so much variety even between individuals of the same breed, two mutts will not necessarily look or act the same, even if they are the same breed combo. The genes can combine in different ways. When considering the mixed dog it is best to appreciate each one for its own merits and not go comparing it to others. What I'm trying to say is: just because I had a heeler/lab mix that I adored, does not mean I should go out and try to find another heeler/lab mix. It may not look or act anything like her. I would pick a dog based on the personality and behaviors I wanted to live with, not based solely on the breeds it was mixed with.

The dogs you saw are not 'breeds' they are mutts. If you start searching shelters I'm sure you will find one that suits you. Intentionally breeding dogs of such wildly different instincts/backgrounds (bc/husky!) is not, in my opinion, good practice.
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I am going to second what Alanna just said! All I have ever had until I bought Maggie was mutts. You just never know what you're gonna get! You could get the best of both worlds or the worst of both worlds!!
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After reading this, i completely understand what you have said, and did not know they were in fact called mutts. Thank you for changing my mind and pointing my views in another direction (:

And i do agree, the personality of your dog is all you need to look for Big Grin
this is very true! i have a "designer dog" a cavalier king charles x beagle... he looks like a red setter... however he looks nothing like any beaglier we have ever seen... his going to get bigger than a beagle or a cav according to the vet.. his super smart and not stubborn and quite ( nothing like a beagle! ) last night i got a bit upset with my OH cause she says she doesnt like my BC ...yet lol... but toby knew something was up and he didnt leave my side till i had cheered up i had 2 very large puppys in my lap lol.. his super gentle and just a fantastic dog all round... where i have met beagliers that are like cyclones... leaving destruction in there wake and make noise like no tomorrow
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I have had one mutt Smile he was not supposed to grow big and when he was fully grown he looked like a rottwieler and weighed approx 60kg!!!! He was a really big dog...
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Anyone ever heard of a Bordador? The lady from the rescue told me today that she thinks Bristol is a Bordador. Her mother was a BC and father unknown. This lady has some huge book of mixes and hybrids.
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Lol every second mix is a lab or kelpie cross here... thing with mixed breeds is you have to be prepared for the worst both can offer.. and its often the case you end up with the best of both.. not all the time however
I own a Border Collie and im still sane ... or a Border Collie owns me is more of an accurate description of the current situation
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