Wolf dog anyone?
Up for adoption in British Colombia.


I'm not really buying plain old GSD mix, that looks like a wolf hybrid to me. What do you think?
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Maybe low content - bit hard to tell from that picture.
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could be mali or sib X gsd.
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big head on him Smile
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Looks like a plain ol' Shepherd/Nordic Spitz breed to me. They tend to look "wolfy" and often times people try to pass them off as "wolf hybrids" to make big bucks. Trust me... you'd understand if you got a little into Sibes...

I find it very unlikely that a wolf/dog mix was just roamin around. Think about it, the people that actually have the nerve to own an ACTUAL wolf and mix it with a dog, don't just go around handing them out to anyone, and the "breeders" (I use that terrm VERY loosely) that do are usually the ones trying to pass their shepherd/husky/something mix off as wolf hybrids.
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Hmm.. Not sure.. A little wolfy, but then again if someone has a real GSD and not the American Bloodline ones then it could make him look like a wolf. I had a gorgeous sable male that kinda looked like a wolf. Anyways, the dog is pretty though. Maybe Husky x GSD mix??
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My sister has a HIGH content wolfdog, which I almost ended up with at one point (and babysit so often I might as well have part ownership, lol), and let me tell ya, you think border collies are difficult??? You have no idea. The way that people constantly dissuade others from getting Border Collies should go TENFOLD for wolf hybrids. They ARE NOT in most cases going to behave like your standard dog. If it's very low content, then perhaps, but in my experience, the fundamental behavioral differences displayed in Canis lupus are different enough from C. lupus familiaris that most people would not know how to handle it. There are a number of functional characteristics that make them very challenging to train, and they're pretty rarely trustworthy off lead. Finally, the rabies vaccine is not currently approved for use on wolfdogs (ludacris, I know) so even though you'll get your shots, if anyone finds out that your dog is a wolfdog and it ever bites, or even licks someone and they decide to report it, the dog will almost inevitably be put down.

Wolves are my favorite animals on this Earth, but even I will say that it takes a very committed and very dedicated (and educated) person to handle wolfdogs. They are incredibly rewarding, and very beautiful, but NOT for most people. If 90% of people can't handle Border Collies, then 98% of people can't handle wolfdogs.

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