Avoiding Heat Related Injuries In Dogs
(06-05-2011, 08:50 PM)goldcreek Wrote: What to do if your dog gets too hot:

Get cool (NOT cold) water on the head, arm pits, belly, legs, feet and groin. You don’t want to use cold water as this could send the dog into shock (like jumping into an ice cold swimming pool on a hot day.) Rubbing alcohol or wet towels could also be used. Only let the dog drink small, frequent amounts to limit vomiting.

I want to stress this part here! Earlier in the first post they mention using ice and in some places I guess that would be ok but I live in West Texas. It is dry and hot in the summer time. It is common for us to have multiple 100+F days (38+C) in a single week. Shade is sparse because not much grows out here. Every year we hear of people dying or having severe heart attacks because they will be doing yard work and be really hot when they jump in the pool or gulp too much ice water too fast. Please try to bring your dogs temperature back down slowly.
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