Cropping and Docking of Ears and Tails
What are your opinions on this? I know it's illegal in many countries and many vets refuse to do it anymore. I've noticed recently that I'm seeing a lot more dogs, like Rottweilers, with tails. And floppy eared dobies and boxers. I like that. I think it's a pointless practice to crop and dock any breed now days. I also noticed that in some countries where it's banned, like Germany, it's banned with exception of working gun dogs. Why is that?

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^ I personally like the floppy ears MUCH more :roll:

And isn't it true that it's rare for a dog of any breed to be born without a tail, including rottweilers, aussies, boxers, etc.?
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Most of the cropping and docking is done for intimidation factor, but the aussie has a bobbed tail to start with doesn't it. A rotties butt just isn't the same with the long tail though. If it is done properly, ie., by a vet, it is owners preferrence, but when done with rubber bands and by unqualified persons--it is abuse.

Those two boxers are gorgeous by the way./dance
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My neighbor has a Rottweiler named Jenny who has a tail and I think she looks great. That's what got me thinking about the whole docking/cropping thing this morning when she and her husky friend we in my front yard chasing the cats lol. Also, what about removal of the dewclaws? Both my dogs have theirs. I think they aid in making sharp turns at speed.

ETA: yeah some aussies are born with a bobbed tail, and some have a full tail.
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It is illegal in the UK. Ear cropping has been out for years. Tail docking, the ban came in in 2006, except for working dogs.

Mainly gundogs, so the breeders have to produce identification that the dogs are going to be used for working purposes. The idea being that the tail especially on spaniels, either will get caught in undergrowth or will snap when wagging too excessively ( I know that sounds odd, but the tails go into major overdrive when they are working!).

What is sad - is that the rule, being as it is, actually increases the divide between working and show bred dogs here. You cannot show a docked dog and an event where there are paying spectators. However - you can work an undocked dog.

There is alot of illegal docking still going on (Mums Springer is one of them) but for the most part dogs are beginning to get back how they were intended.

The sad thing about bob tailed dogs is that they are prone to spinal damage, due to the fact you are actually breeding a dog with a deformed spine. This was very evident in Vallhunds and Corgis, but they are breeding them back with tails now in some areas. (possible not the corgis?)

I love Rottie tails Smile
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Why on earth do people take a pair of scissors to a dogs ears and cut them into shapes ???????
It doesn't make sense to me and never has. Imagine if they suggested we, as BC owners should shape our dogs ears to fit in with a breed standard. I think we would tell them where to go.
It should be the same for all other breeds. The number of people on forums that say oh yes it is good for their health!!!!
The docking of tails has at last been made a taboo, which should have happened years ago.
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I rescued an Aussie mix years ago--the previous owners got it from relatives in West Virginia. Anyway, she didn't have a tail when I got her, but the owners said that she was born with a partial tail and they put a rubber band around it when she was a newborn, and the partial tail fell off. I could never figure out why they did that. As for dew claws, I've wondered the same thing. None of my previous dogs had theirs removed until I got my 2 collies 3 years ago--theirs were removed. Bailey still has her dewclaws, but the vet tech at the clinic was surprised that the breeder hadn't removed them--didn't get a chance to ask him why or if it was a problem that she still has hers. BTW, her nails are all white---yay--so easy to clip!
OPPOSED! I don't believe in declawing cats either.
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Rottie with a tail

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Regarding removal of dew claws--I think it's done by a vet when they are itty-bitty before the nail is firmly attached, so it basically justs slides out fairly easily and painlessly? I might be wrong though, but I think that's what I read.
When I worked at the clinic the vet would ONLY remove if they were not attached to the bone (pup preferred) and the dog was already in for Sx The ones he would do were hanging on by a thread (skin) he'd just snip them and bandage. He didn't do ears, he only did unattached dew claws because they can get snagged and torn off.
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