A winter walk
beautiful images, like your photography and your dogs are great. I'm also a photographer having BC's are great insperation dont you think! just wish I had scenery like youseem to have, muddy feilds just dont look the same lol
Gorgeous photo's! Your a wonderful photographer Big Grin! Yim's eyes are beautiful, i love the color of them Big Grin!
[Image: C1062064-1353946396large.jpg]
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gorgeous dog in a beautiful environment captured perfectly!
Yim has such beautiful alert eyes, just stunning
[Image: banner-1-1.jpg]
pron. aous-roon & fly-gyah
Your pictures are beautiful. I love the last one of the two of you.
In their short lives our pets give us all they can...their friendship, unselfish love, and total loyalty. Lucky dog always in my heart
Great pics, love them all.
[Image: 922e7bce-ce23-427a-94d6-5cf3b6563f6b.jpg]
Well I can't see the last pic (grrr - will try again at home), but your photos are AMAZING! I'm not sure if both your other dogs are shelties, but I LOVE them too! They are beautiful dogs.

I have mixed with a few photographers and seen their results at outdoor dogs shots such as yours and yours are WAYYYY better. If you do have any tips you could share, I'd love to hear them! Lovely shots!
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[Image: 5684881182_56aba4b110_z.jpg]
Absolutely stunning photos!
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