Do You Have New Pup? (or thinking of getting one) Please Read
only-borders I think you know me

I hope you don't me telling this story.

In all the information I researched for over a year before I purchased my beautiful Zeb. There is no information about the dog having different abilities. I.E. low drive, high drive. Or that the Conformation version NOT ONLY has physical differences, most of the time they have working differences. That some breeders will specialize.

I lost a beautiful border named Zeb because he had very strong working drive, I bought him from a stellar working breeder not knowing the difference.

He has been placed by some people with a vet. with sheep and lots of experience with the breed. I bet he is doing an awesome job loving every moment.

It drove me into a tizzy to fail and have my heart broken. Despite other's concern I got back on the horse after a few months of nightly searching marathons. I found my Keller (little companion) At a breeder many miles away. It was worth the extra expense and worry over him flying. I have a wonderful, charming, laid back fellow who will make a good therapy dog.

Long story short. Research the difference between the two types of borders also and perspective breeder's dog's uses.
Talk to other owners. I highly recommend reading Dog Wars by Donald McCaig. Put aside the animosity towards the conformation border. Notice the descriptions, they can be informative even if they are in a mocking sense.
Does any other border person agree with that?

If you need an awesome Wisconsin working dog breeder or a great more laid back dog. I have a great breeder in Arkansas.
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After many friends with border collies, I ventured out to find my own knowing their unique qualities that make them who they are! I found mine as a rescue, and have hit the 2 1/2 year mark together. It took alot of chewed cords, walls, doors, training, toys, exercise...all worth it when you have a partner in life!
Nice info.!
Thank you so much for sharing this information. I am really new especially to this specific breed but i am hoping to catch up.
Great info thanks only -borders
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Thanks for sharing. I have one maybe i should get another one it's been almost three years Unsure

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