for people who have car chasers!
The only thing I wouldn't agree with in the above info is letting your dog chase birds on the beach: not just during the breeding season but also in winter birds waste a lot of precious energy by having to take flight when disturbed by dogs or walkers. With bad weather and short daylight hours in which to feed they NEED all that precious energy just to keep them alive. doesn't really LOOK good to others seeing folk let their dogs chase birds and just adds to the anti-dog voice. We are lucky in Northumberland in that there's no restrictions for over 60+ miles of gorgeous beach SO FAR! Last year there was a minority trying to get beach restrictions in place but so far they've been knocked back.

Plus....I once knew a lady who had a GSD-x and I often saw her when out with Tina. Her dog had a bird obsession and would actually SWIM out to sea to try to catch the eider ducks!!! /shocked Lovely on land but the minute she saw those ducks on the water she was off Wacko
If it's not a collie, it's just another dog!
All of this- easier said than done!

Ninja is a huge car chaser, I'll have to try these.
Ninja vanish!
Ageed, harvey still chases everything. Almost lost him yesterday chasing a bike! But the behaviourist has been booked for 20march
[Image: smallerharveyimage.jpg]

[Image: zt29.png]
Frisbee_dog And yes I too have a wheel chaser
One issue, while walking he hears the car before seeing it and gets down on all fours like he was about to herd sheep which we don't have. I put him in a down and that builds the excitement even more. Anything we do that I might do each time builds excitement. Reminding him with leave it helps but not perfect
The new quirk is that he will run up to our cars that are parked and bite tire all day and have no idea why.
He herds the cars while we are in the car driving- his eyes and head are darting to each car. He really gets Amped up so we have to keep him in a crate in the car. I would love to fix this and have him sit with me but he wants to jump trough windo at the cars. Help
Instead of walking him by the cars take some high value treats and sit back away from the passing cars. Ask him to watch you and do simple behaviors, sit, down, shake, etc. You will need to judge the distance to where he can look at the cars and not get excited. Keep him under threshold.

First day you might only be able to do it for 2 minutes, next day 3 and so on. Teach him to sit or down when a car is passing. He may respond to a clicker better than a word of praise. Every dog is different and you have to find what works best for your dog.

Desensitizing the dog to the moving objects will help him in the car as well.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Hi Katy
Thanks for sharing this useful information an I really appreciate your hard work. I do have a car chaser and started jazz at junior obedience classes today and we are also using the target sticks which i believe is going to be really very effective for this problem.
Thank you

Thank you for sharing the info. very important.

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