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I JUST saw this!! That's great! Brodie will have a few more siblings in contact now....
Make sure it's Karma/Fly, yes?

I was going to throw more fuel on the fire and post this link...
HOW did I know, how did I know there would be some form of Bull involved in this?

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How awful, that poor little lad.
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We had this one a few weeks ago.


Horrible dogs and I agree breed them and all similar breeds out of existence (staffys etc). They are ugly, useless and violent.
i own 2 male staffies and 2 female collies, i have worked so hard to train them all, but sometimes dogs have aggresion in them thats so hard to control, thats when its the owners responsibility to do as much as they can to be responsible for there dogs, if that means keeping them on lead in a park, or using muzzles then so be it, my 2 staffies both have aggression issues that i can control, my larger boy is aggresive on lead if a dog comes up to him, but is great off lead and my smaller staffie is the opposite, great on lead but not so good off it, im responsible enough to call him back and put a lead on him when i see other dogs ect ect, i train flyball and run my own club, my large staffie is currently no 1 in the points table this year so far and it is refresshing to hear people come up to me and tell me how great it is to see staffies do flyball and do it so well, my small staffie doesnt race as i just dont trust him with other dogs. there is many other breeds including collies that are vicious and its down to the owners to deal with it imo, to many people have no control over there dogs. on the other side of the coin though is the people that have out of control "friendly" dogs, all i can hear is "its ok there friendly and just want to play or say hello" well im sorry but my dog is on a lead and isnt friendly but under control, if you have an off lead dog then you should be able to call it back imo if not then it shouldnt be off lead.
I think, sadly, from what I have seen in Aus people have bought PBT as status symbols. Its the whole my dogs tougher then your dog, look how 'muscly, strong, vicious' looking he/she is. This is the tend ive seen emerge over the years.

These people are also sadly the type who do not research the breed to raise the dog to its best attributes and most end up sadly displaying voilent tendencies and there for they end up in the pound as 'I cant trust it around my kids' or the dog is euthanized after attacking. There is alot of support for PBT terriers and some of the web pages I have visited really do bring you to tears. Im a big believer that all animals have their place on this earth but on the other hand can relate to the fears of people who have experienced their aggression.

Having said that I really do feel dogs do not attack for no reason, whether it be fear or being provoked. The dog could have been treated badly prior or maybe the child / person has previously tormented the dog and it has snapped all dogs have the potential to be un trust worthy if they have been frightened or mistreated.
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I am not saying I agree with banning the breed or not. I am on the fence.

However, if they ban these dogs, the dogs cannot be provided proper training classes. Their owner will not want to advertise they have the dog. How is this helping the situation? The dogs are not given the chance to learn proper social manners. Then they are maligned when the few hidden dogs do these things that get them banned?
I love this thread! Pitbulls are amazing loyal soppy dogs if brought up right. Breaks my heart how many just get put down because of a breed! They are the second highest ranking on us American tolerance temperament tests Smile border collies rank 7th!

This is rediculous! First off, why on earth would you leave ANY dog with a 16 day old baby?!
I just had an hour long agrument with someone about Pitbulls, and dogs in general
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