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A few months back my boyfriend was saying how his brothers friend had came to visit with his new puppy, he was describing it & as I know the guy he was on about I came to the conclusion it was probably a pit bull terrier. Anyways, on Friday night I went down to the shop and outside I saw this lovely white puppy, who was wagging its tail and was so excited, so I went up and gave it a pat and a little attention! So when I saw the guy coming out of the shop and untying the pup, I realised it kinda looked like the OH bro's friend. I then also realised the dog was infact a Pit Bull terrier (illegal in the uk).
Today I spoke to the OH and asked if the guys dog was white and he said yes. I knew it!! Haha, lovely little dog though Smile I do like Pit Bull terriers and wish they werent banned! I believe that if someone wants to own a Pit Bull the person should go through an interview process or something to make sure they are capable of owning one & to not use it for fighting etc!

Also a few weeks back I was walking Harvey and this big dog came bounding up to me, it was also a PBT! I asked the owner what breed it was and he was just like "oh its a Staffy x American Bull Dog" Yes ok then... thats what it is... /wink. I never actually realised there was so many of them around here, I've seen a few a never realised until after.

I would love a PBT, if I could train it properly and if they werent illegal, oh well I can dream Smile
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I wish all pet owners and parents had to go through strict testing in order to have either one. Wont ever happen, but there would be a lot more loved and wanted children and pets!
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Thats what I thought to! Especially parents, I mean people who adopt & foster children have to go through lots of interview process, yet any waste of space can have a child and neglect it... I don't see the logic! Sad
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How come you only realised the cute puppy was a pit bull after you saw who owned it?
Shadow was mistaken for a pit bull cross as a puppy...she is collie/whippet cross labrador.

I'm tired of dogs being stereotyped by breed. The KC should hang its collective heads in shame. The meanest dog I ever met was a Lhasa Apso, followed closely by a poodle. I've met some lovely bull terriers, and some nasty labradors. My neighbour has three lovely rottweilers. My sister has a jack russel terror - I mean terrier, no actually I meant terror, lol!
It's down to how the dogs are bred (temperament/health of their specific parents), and how they are raised (breeders/owner's). In other words, if you have a bad dog there is a worse human somewhere in its history.
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Tallulah is a little mix but still very American Pit Bull Terrier. Her mother was a papered red nose pit from the Colby lines and her father was a pit bull german shepherd cross. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old and now she is 10 years old!!! I love my girl and she does well with all of my fosters. She works strictly under the rules of if you don't start nothing there won't be nothing!

Punish the deed, not the breed.

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If they are illegal where you live, how do these people have them/walk about with them? What are the consequences for owning one? That's nuts!

My friend has a pitbull and he's a great dog! A terror in the sense of energy and she hasn't trained him all that well, but a sweetheart none the less!! My other friend has an amstaff who is a lap dog!

I am really suprised that places have actually banned breeds - you would think it is common sense that these dogs aren't BORN this way.... I guess two fighting pitbulls breed - does it breed a fighting puppy even if the puppy is never exposed to it? Anyways, I'm ignorant on the topic fact wise but I believe it is definitely how the dog is raised, unless they have some unfortunate problem that is a mental problem.
Pit bulls were bred originally to bait bulls. They were put in to aggravate the bull before the matador came in so the bull would be mad and put on a better show. They were used in butcher shops to hold large animals for slaughter. They were fought against one another as being the gladiator of the dog world. This is their history.

Asking a pit bull not to fight is like asking a border collie not to herd.

Now think about it. There are plenty of borders out there that are common pets or strictly agility or fly ball champs that have curbed that herding instinct into other things. It takes time, patients, consistency, and hard work.

My Tallulah allows other animals into MY house because she respects me. She knows she is not supposed to bite our guests. Sometimes she has to be reminded. She is not scolded but rather reminded to be nice. If another dog keeps pestering when she doesn't want to be pestered she will retreat to her box or bed. She snuggled in my chair last night with me and a little rescue dog I currently have and she plays tug with Raider.

Instinct. If it wasn't for her I would have come home to several dead dogs in my yard about a year ago. The neighbor had a fighting dog. He was scared from one end to the other and had to be kept separate from even their small dog because he attacked everything in site. My neighbor is a moron. He has a deck built around one of those above ground pools that he put up right next to my fence. This guy lives to piss me off. Well one day his dog got loose from the small area it was fenced off in and immediately headed for the deck and OVER MY FENCE!

I was at work when my grandma called me. I had 3 dogs in my backyard at the time. Tallulah, Busa a german shepherd pit mix with bad hips, and Fable a catahoula rescue. This neighbor dog came over with the intent to kill everything in my backyard. Talluah did not let that happen. It took me 10 minutes to get from where I worked to home. Grandma was afraid to go outside. Tallulah was standing at my back fence with this dog's neck still in her mouth. She would not release until I was there. I called her from the porch and told her to drop it. She let go of the now very lifeless dog and walked slowly to the porch. The poor girl was shaken considerably. There were no wounds on Busa or Fable. Talluah only had minor wounds that I was able to clean up at home. Animal control was called to pick up the dead dog in my yard. I bleached the area where it had been and they sent the head off since THE ******* dog was NOT vaccinated. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my neighbor???) Luckily it came back rabies negative (we have very few cases a year but still you never know with an animal that is not vaccinated).

It took awhile to convince my dogs it was safe to spend time in their backyard again. I hate my neighbor. Even after all that though Tallulah is still trusting of new dogs I bring home. If you don't start nothing there won't be nothing.

I also used to have a bird dog that would jump my fence and visit my kids. He was always nice when he came over and was allowed to visit. I have a 5-1/2 ft cinder block fence and metal privacy gate, you'd think that would be enough...
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Tallulah is a very pretty dog, WolftexasSmile Very clever eyes too.
Totally agree with punish the deed, not the breed. The whole banned breeds was a knee jerk reaction to some kids being mauled back in the eighties/nineties. It started off rotties were being labelled as devil dogs, ended up with a list of banned and restricted breeds.
Some of these are outright banned, others can be kept under strict guidelines...but no one actually knows how to define a pitbull. So basically, if your dog looks like a pitbull in someone's opinion, they can report it. If the police agree it looks like a pitbull, they will take your dog away. If you are very lucky, the courts may rule in your favour and return your pet...but chances are that it will no longer be the pet you remember. The stress of living in kennels will have taken their toll. Your dog will also never be allowed off lead or without muzzle outside of your house again. This includes if it is in a crate in your car, btw! And it will have to be neutered/spayed.
Most people can't afford the court costs, so the dogs are PTS. Even if they aren't actually pitbulls.
And your dog's past behaviour doesn't matter. Just its appearance.

There was a family in our area who bought a puppy from their neighbour. Its mother was a fully papered KC registered boxer. Its father was a whippet. The puppy was seized when it was eight months old. Thankfully, they got it back but it's situations like this that show how stupid the system is.
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god that makes me sick.... I mean I get the general idea of trying to prevent an injury before it happens....which is funny because I just watched the Minority Report movie last night lol which prevents crimes before it happens, and as in the movie, the system had it's major flaw and innocent people were being arrested!!!

The thought of an innocent dog being put to sleep or even going through that scenario just because of what breed it is or may resemble, makes me angry. I guess the thought of a vicious dog hurting someone should make me angry too.....and it does but there needs to be a better system some how and I think that strict testing before people get their hands on pets should be there!! BUT then again there is always ways around it too....gosh now I'm frustrated LOL
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