So, I don't know if what is going on with me is technically insomnia or what. Some nights I sleep fine. And then some not at all. But the current trend is about 3-4 hours sleeps and then I cant get back to sleep.

Like today. I've been up since 3:30 after going to bed at midnight. It's 7:30 in the morning. Normally I'd be getting to work right now but switched shifts with someone.

Anyone else dealing with this? I used to easily sleep 8 hours a night.
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Ugh, I feel your pain. I have intermittent insomnia or something, always related to how busy I am so not medical, just an overactive bloody brain! So while I grew up a proper student, capable of 12+ hours of sleep if I could have them, since becoming a grown-up with a job and kids, I'm lucky if I get 7, or several unbroken nights at a stretch even. And being a perfectionist, whenever I have a lot on, plans to make, things to make sure are done before a certain time, etc etc... that keeps me awake / wakes me up early too. No solution I know of other than making time for a nap whenever it's humanly possible!!
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Gotta look at what is going on in your life. Wink
Too much to think about and plan is never going to help.
Try and get into an evening routine to train your body and shut your mind off before you go to sleep.

I hope you can start to sleep better now.
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Gosh I'm not able to function if I get less than 6 hours of sleep each night. I usually sleep 7 - 8 hours. Can't imagine going for a few days and only sleeping 3 - 4 hours a night...
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Ay Up Brandon...

It's possibly because your shift has suddenly changed, has'nt given your body time to adjust.
A friend of mine works shifts in the car industry, he works a 4 night on a 4 off before changing over to days, the company works that way to give the body time to adjust.
Hopefully they won't keep changing your shift over to much.
Chin up bud...
Make sure you don't drink caffine in an evening- that's one thing which worked for me.
If my mind is racing, I always get up, have some milk then read with my head down......apparently that's one way of switching off, just a body sign. Keep quiet, then when the first yawn comes, back to bed you go.
Good Luck!
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I've dealt with varying degrees of insomnia. Sometimes it will be just a night or two where I either can't fall asleep, or I fall asleep but wake up around 2 in the morning and can't go back to sleep. Usually what I'll do is if it persists for more than a couple of nights, I'll take a dose of Gravol about half an hour before going to bed - a local pharmacist once told me that taking Gravol was the same as taking any over-the-counter sleep med, but cheaper to buy. I can't take it too often though, as I noticed it tends to depress my emotional state (weird, I know). But it knocks me right out, and breaks the pattern of not being able to sleep. Another thing that works for me is taking some hot Neocitran, again about half an hour before heading off to bed; or taking a hot bath. If the insomnia is bad I will combine one of the two meds with a hot bath and that is guaranteed to put me under, and I don't usually wake up until my alarm goes off the next morning. (Oh, one thing I noticed about taking Gravol or Neocitran before bedtime...if I take them and go directly to bed, they don't have any effect. I have to take them and wait until I start feeling the effect, then head off to bed.)

It does sound like your mind might be working overtime on you, or your body is having a difficult time adjusting to some change. Personally I've found that if I can get relief with one of the methods I described above, then the cycle is broken and I can sleep well after that. Another thing...if you do wake up and find you just can't get back to sleep, sometimes it's better to get out of bed and keep yourself occupied for an hour or so...then head back to bed and see if you can fall asleep. Of course, no stimulants prior to bedtime, and they say that even staring at a computer screen before bed can 'alert' the mind, causing a disruption in sleep pattern. Hot baths, reading a book, drinking something that has a calming effect on the body...all are tricks that might help.

btw, usually mine are triggered by an overactive mind. If only I could tell it to be quiet...Wink
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I feel your pain. What everyone has said so far sounds good. I'm one of those people who eliminates caffeine slower than normal, so I can't drink my Dew after 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I also can't take sudafed or benedryl before bed. Good luck on working out your triggers.
Gotta love 'em.

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