Strange crosses
One of my boys buddies is a Dalmatian/Doberman cross, her head is huge, big muzzle, spots on her chest, brown patches on her legs and pure muscle!
(07-14-2012, 08:11 PM)Sp00ky Wrote: That dogs been through on a hot wash and shrunk/yikes
Cant provide a picture but Great Dane X Daschund!!! They said the daxi had her while she was sleeping in front of the fire tut tut.
I have also seen an afghan try it on with a Jack Russel. He slid his front paws under her chest and lifted her up to the desired height. Obviously we split them up as soon as we realized what was going on, but wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Necessity is the mother of invention , or where there a willy there's a way/evilgrin

Back in the early 70s, a Boston Bull Terrier from across the street was in love with my Borzoi, Gretchen.  Fortunately, he never figured out a method of approach.  I cannot even imagine what puppies would have looked like!  Gretchen lived for the usual 10 years, was not spade, and never had pups.
I have two that are pretty unbelievable
Bostralian. - Boston terrier x Australian Shepherd
Mastipoo. - English mastiff x poodle
Oh btw. Cdn$2500.00
Don't get me started, lol

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