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One of the best dogs I've ever had she was a amazing beautiful Sable Merle and White Shetland Sheepdog's born June 22,2003 bought her November 23,2003 Past away March 18,2016 my second dog that I've ever owned from childhood until age 21 from the day I brought you home you were always by my side my Best friend a great gift from God when ever I was sad you were always there to cheer me up always there to make my day better always so happy to see me when I got back home from school and eventually volunteer work you always knew the best way to cheer me up after a stressful day at school being bullied I could talk to you about anything you were my true fried and family I'll always love you and always miss you RIP Shadey Lady you'll forever live in my heart and memories I'll never forget you my angel dog Heart 36_2_55

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Awww what a sweet face! Clearly happy and loved Smile
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Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
Vet-Listed Birthday: May 2, 2014
Teagan 21/8/2001 - 31/3/2017

Teagan was my 1st girl from ISDS lines. She won me out of starters agility and taught me so much.

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So sorry Oenoke.
I know there is nothing I can say to ease the pain. We just have to go through it, until the rawness starts to slip away and the honour and joy of having her in your life shines through. It takes time, so much time. I am crying writing this, for you, for Teagan, for me and every dog I have had to let go.
One day at a time.
I'm so sorry. Teagan has always been my favorite of your dogs. I only ever knew her through your pictures, but her personality seemed to always shine through.
Gotta love 'em.
Very sorry for your loss, XXX

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Oh so hard. That sweet baby. RIP Teagan. I know you were loved!
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Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
Vet-Listed Birthday: May 2, 2014
I am very sorry to hear of you and your family's loss.
“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”

James Herriot
Oh no Sad So sorry for your loss.
    The first time i saw you i knew you were perfect. We rescued you and nursed you back to health. 
The years we spent together meant so much to me. My special boy always there by my side. 
I look for you now expecting to see you but all I have is memories. 
Zak my baby I miss you so much I'm heartbroken without you.
Run free with Suzie  and we'll all be together one day xx

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