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This is a tribute to our furry friends who are no longer with us. Whether it is a pet we know or a pet of your past please feel free to add a memorial page.

Illustration created by our very own Linda (OnlyBorders)

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Thank you for asking me to do this - I find it very hard to write about my guys when they are no longer at my side - so Mum wrote this out as a tribute to my Jazz man

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Hi Jasper,

You entered our lives one new year, we drove 400 miles to get you and came home the next day. You were an impulse buy recommended by a friend who had your sister. I rang to wish her Happy New Year and somehow an hour later we were on our way.

You were to be Hannah’s second dog, the hope being that you would be easier to handle than her first. You took that on board from the beginning and read all the right books and wore a halo all your life. You were so good, you never put a foot wrong. You competed, and did well, at agility, flyball, open obedience and then took up HTM. In fact you and Hannah did an HTM display at a school fete well before it existed, she was 14 and you were just over a year.

You loved anyone who loved you but you were never a pushy dog and could get overlooked in a crowd, balls were good fun and so were easy to chew bones.

You were a fantastic stooge dog and helped many dogs and owners through some difficulties. When you got older you stayed here with me instead of going in the car. You never much liked that after an accident you were involved in. You used to slip into the house and lie down near my feet and then slip back into the caravan when Hannah came home.

In the end you gave up and said a quiet goodbye aged 16.

We all miss your quiet aura, you were a very special part of this family for so many years. You were Hannahs Jazz Man.

You will wait for the rest of us and be there, especially for Pippin who adored you and who you helped so much.

Till then we send love and light to you and all the others you are with.

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The only mistakes my dogs make are the ones I've taught them!
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geeze thats a tear jerker....

its so sad when we loose them.

That was beautiful Tassle- I miss him for you.
Kya, my beautiful girl.
We planned for you for so long, and then you were here.
Oh my, you were sweet.

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You always had a smile for everyone and loved to share your kisses too. You were a little strange at times but managed to make me laugh each day. You were very special in your own way.

You excelled at everything you did and helped many pups over the hard spots in class. You were always the first to learn a new trick. Always wanting to please.

Although you had a hard year you always had love to give to everyone you met.

You were with us for only a short time but during that time we did and learned so much together. We climbed and conquered many obstacles too. I'd do it all again 100 times more.

I pray my memory never fades of the smile you showed me each day. I miss you so and wish you could still be with us. I know you are free from the things that tormented you each day and you are no longer sick. In that I find comfort. I can't imagine my life never having known you. You taught me so much.

Run free and long until we see you again. You will always be my sweet smiley girl.
1-18-07 <> 5-3-10

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One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Ok you guys have me crying. For all the beautiful dogs you wrote about and for my own that I miss so much.
In their short lives our pets give us all they can...their friendship, unselfish love, and total loyalty. Lucky dog always in my heart
What beautiful, beautiful tributes, the tears are rolling down my face.
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Crying again,I started to write something yesterday but I messed up while looking for a photo and lost what I'd already written.
I have 5 dogs that I have lost so it may take me a while to do this .
I also find it hard to express myself and say the right words.
It is so sad to think of all the pain losing a beloved pet can cause but they bring us so much pleasure it's too dificult to live without them.
Did that for 2 years and wonder now how we managed as we wern't complete as a family.
God bless all the dogs that have gone to Rainbow Bridge,untill we see them again......................

I havn't got many pics on my comp of my previous dogs but I do have others I would have to find them and scan them.

This is Scamp the 2nd below who was my sisters dogs pup also Scamp the 1st was her pup too,they were exactly alike but I lost Scamp 1st at 5 months old.I was 10 and heartbroken but then I got Scamp 2nd.He was such a character,full of mischief,sure he was a x with a Jack russell as was of a similar temperament at times and would fight anything.He lost an eye because of this I think.
He came to live with me and my now husband and became our dog untill he died at 13 and we decided to get another dog as we were both so sad.

[Image: scamp2nd.jpg]

Below is Scamp the 3rd we got him as a pup he is on the right he was a lovely dog ,very loyal but totally hyper and never stopped ,he also had a high pitched yip that went right through you.Sadly he died of Liver cancer at age 10.
Ben we took on when he was 6 months old and him and Scamp were good friends but they did also fight like true siblings.
Ben would have been put down so we saved him but having 2 dogs was not quite as easy as we had hoped,they had a good life though.
I don't think Ben got over losing Scamp and 6 months later Ben died after an op at age 10.

[Image: benandScamp3rd.jpg]

So we were left heartbroken yet again,so out we went and got Scamp the 4th and what a beautifull dog he was.He was so good and loved my husband dearly.He was the softest most gental Collie we had ever had and when he died at age 14 my husband was absolutly devestated.

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God Bless them all,we have our memories of which there are manyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My dogs over the years
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I was fighting back tears the whole time I read this thread. Very heartwrenching.
Dogs come when their called.. Cats take a message and get back to you later!! - Unknown

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Those are great tributes. I'm sure they were very hard to write. I teared up reading them as well.
Lance & Mick

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To My Friend that I lost and to my friend that I miss, you will never be forgotten.
Chevy you came into our life at a young age of 8 weeks and we had the pleasure to learn and love with you for 13 years. You brought a lot of laughter and tears over those years and I would never change one minute of it. Your clown like demeanour entitled you the nickname Bozo, but when you miss behaved we called you Ford. You and I spent many hours, days, weeks and years of constant training and then finally we got it. You followed me everywhere, from the bed in the morning, to the washroom, to the kitchen, to the window when I left for work, constantly by my side, I miss that.

The day you left to cross that bridge was the worst day of my life, but I knew it was right, you had no more pain. I see you everyday when I come home from work waiting in the window. You are just a faint image, but I know that you are there. Please don’t forget me, we will see each other again, you are missed so much.

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